Get into…Escape Welt Puzzles overview


An unforgettable adventure experience for 8+ years

‘We are the creators of popular escape rooms in Leipzig. For more than 8 years, Escape Welt organizes in-person exciting games for our customers. The last year, we also started to produce handcrafted puzzle toys made from natural wood that now you can order online.

We aim to attract people to play. Escape Welt Team created each product with love and passion. So that you will enjoy the game for sure!’



3 words to describe these puzzles: perplexing, thought-provoking and cool

Get into…Escape Welt aesthetics

These puzzles are so gorgeous and well thought out.  The wooden nature of them means that they look so intricate and well made and you could easily have one on display as a centrepiece on a coffee table.   They spark interest and demand to be played with, fiddled with and puzzled over.  You don’t ever need to force the mechanisms as each puzzle unlocks a mechanism or gear which allows parts of the piece to move or shift.  


They really are works of genius and although they have a recommended solve time,  they are something to pick up, puzzle over and return to again and again.  You don’t have to solve it all in one go which is nice.  


They are superbly made and the designs are so detailed but whilst also being solvable.  Each one is in keeping with the theme of the puzzle.  

Get into…Escape Welt puzzles overall thoughts

No spoilers here!  


I love puzzles as does my wife and we were so pleased to receive these.  The complexity rating on the puzzles helped us to decide where to start.  Even people who consider themselves well versed in puzzles and riddles like ourselves will find these a challenge.  I often wonder who comes up with these kind of things as to me they are absolutely genius.  It drives you insane until you figure it out and then you look at it in awe and wonder thinking that’s amazing that they created something that worked in that way. 


We liked that they weren’t straight forward but that they also were solvable in the end.  There is also a hints and tips QR code with the puzzles, so if you do get stuck you can get some assistance.  


These are a fun gift to get a family member or a lovely Christmas gift to puzzle over with a larger group – I can imagine people passing it around doing the different puzzles until someone eventually shouts Eureka as they solve it.  


Beautifully made and hours of fun.  Definitely try them for yourself.  



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