7 Wonders Architects
by Repos Productions

Get into…7 Wonders Architects overview


‘You have but one goal: construct a Wonder so grandiose it will leave your mark on history.  Your legacy is on the line!’


‘The game 7 Wonders Architects plays over several turns.  On your turn, choose one of three cards.  These cards represent different characters who will help you gather resources to construct your Wonder, make scientific discoveries, or even Battle with your neighbours.  Thee game ends when a Wonder is entirely constructed.  Achieve the highest score to win the game.’


(quoted from 7 Wonders Architects instruction manual’

Get into…7 Wonders Architects overall thoughts 

We used to own 7 Wonders duel but we sold it because for us as a couple, it just didn’t ever feel like a fun game.  We tended to employ the same strategy.  My wife would go for science symbols and I’d go for war and it tended to be that we had the same outcome every time.   I know there is a lot of love out there for Duel but it just didn’t suit our playing style.

When we saw Architects come out, we were initially drawn in by the production quality.  Each wonder has its own box with the pieces and cards all in a handy storage space and it looks amazing.  We were intrigued to see how it played and whether it resembled anything like Duel.  

We were lucky to play it a local convention with some of our board gaming friends and immediately fell in love with it.  Essentially its 7 Wonders Duel but for more players and far more charming.  

Oh how the tables have turned as my wife now loves searching for war symbols but it doesn’t matter now because it isn’t easy to employ just one strategy and stick to it.  You have to work with the cards and try to develop your strategy as you go along.   

What I also love is that you can’t immediately see who is going to win from the outset.  Even upon counting up the scores at the end of the game, we have been surprised by some of the outcomes and this for me makes a much more exciting game.  I used to get disheartened when we played Duel because I could almost guarantee the outcome before the end of the game but with Architects this isn’t the case. 

I like the fact that everyone’s wonders has asymmetric bonuses and the ‘cat’ which I wish we had the promo version but it doesn’t affect the gameplay allows you to peek at the communal deck to give you an advantage over your opponents.  The cardboard cat is just fine but I’m ever so slightly jealous of those who have the actual model.  

Anyway this game is a great one to play with a bigger group and is quick to set up and teach.  We play it with our daughter (8) who also loves it so its a winner all round.  Love love love this and so glad we now still have a 7 Wonders game – just a far better version in our opinion.

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