Get into…Alice’s Garden overview

Poor gardeners fall over themselves trying to avoid the Queen’s wrath.  Is it possible to appease Her Majesty!

She wants the trees as far apart as possible and demands the most sumptuous rose bushes in the whole Wonderland.  And if there’s no neat path for the chess pieces to walk on, she will surely have the gardeners’ heads!  Alice had no idea what a challenge it would be to help the gardeners’ out.  

Give her a helping hand and create the best garden to the Queen of Heart’s content!

Get into…Alice’s Garden gameplay

The aim is to create the best garden fulfilling as many requirements of the Queen as possible.  

Each player takes a personal player board.  Put all the game tiles into the bags according to their shape.  The game is played over several rounds and ends after a round in which a player cannot place a tile from the supply on their personal board.  The players then tally up the scores and determine the winner.  

3 words to describe this game: beautiful puzzle garden

Get into…Alice’s garden components

4 player boards


6 bags


95 game tiles


1st player token


1 scorepad


1 rulebook


The game components are all tied to the theme of Alice in Wonderland with significant icons from the book and film featuring in the game such as the playing cards, roses etc.  

The tiles are quite tiny but it is a small box and to be fair, the size of the tiles does not interfere in the gameplay.   The game boards have a grass area and a chessboard area – these link to the way you score points for some of the icons.  On the player board is also a player aid, enabling you to keep a track of what you can score and how during the game.  

The bag quality is good and it definitely feels nice to play with.   Clear rules and easy to access and scoring is also straightforward at the end.  

Get into…Alice’s garden overall thoughts

We really enjoyed this polyonimo tile laying game.  Yes this is a saturated market but something about this one is quite charming.  We have played this at 2 player and 4 player and both were good player counts.  It is a fairly quick filler game that you can play between other games but equally it holds its own and will be memorable for anyone playing.  It can get a bit tit for tat with players taking pieces that don’t necessarily fit on other’s boards but the piece left over from the previous round means there are still options and it is about maximising your turns as and when you can.  The scoring element feels good and as there are quite a few ways of accumulating points, you don’t know who has one right up until the end.  

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