Get into…Break the cube overview
 In Break the cube, your goal is to recreate the shape hidden behind your opponent’s screen before they recreate yours.  On your turn, ask them a question about their shape.  Using deduction and spatial reasoning, be the first player to recreate your opponent’s shape to win the game.   
Get into…Break the cube gameplay



The game plays over a series of turns.  The game ends when one player correctly guesses the opponent’s shape to the left.  On your turn, you can ask one question pertaining to the colour you see from above at a given number, what you can see at a given letter, and does the shape I’ve built perfectly match your shape.  Play continues until you can make an opponent’s shape or someone beats you to it.  


2-4 players


15 min

3 words to describe this game: question, manipulate, reveal

Get into…Break the cube components

24 wooden blocks – wooden blocks in 3 sizes.  Players use one block of each size to recreate their opponent’s shape in front of their screen



4 screens – a screen to hide your shape from view of other people



8 foundation tiles – used to build your shape on and to recreate your opponent’s shape.  



1 pad of note sheets – only used when playing the variant 



1 rulebook

Get into…Break the cube overall thoughts

This is a fun puzzle game which is equally satisfying with 2 or 4 players.  Initially I though it would be easy but each time I thought I had the shape of my opponent – the reply was No and I had to try again.  Your brain likes to trick you into thinking its found the solution without thinking through all the possibilities and connotations.  

It’s a great little filler game – on a par with games like Ubongo and such like.  Definitely good for spatial awareness and deduction skills and right up our alley.  

If you enjoy quick little puzzles which can be played over and over again then you will enjoy this.

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