Get into…Coatl

Get into…Coatl overview

‘The appointment of a new Aztec High Priest is imminent. To prove their merit, contenders for the position engage in a prestigious tournament to impress the gods.  Carve the most intricate and elegant Coatl sculptures (a Coatl is a feathered snake) to emerge victorious and gain the coveted title of Aztec High Priest. 


During the game, players create Coatls by connecting head, body, and tail pieces that satisfy the requirements of the Prophecy cards they wish to fulfil.  The more prophecy cards’ requirements a Coatl fulfils, the more prestige points it scores.  A Coatl can also score bonus prestige points by satisfying the requirements of one of the temple cards.  The game is triggered after a player finishes their 3rd Coatl, or when the supply of body segments is depleted.  


Get into…Coatl gameplay

The players race to score the most prestige points by creating valuable Coatl sculptures.  At the end of the game, the player with the most prestige points is declared the winner.

3 words to describe this game: pattern, configuration, segments

Get into…Coatl components


54 Prophecy cards

15 Temple cards

1 Supply board

4 Player boards

3 supply bags

12 sacrifice tokens

1 first player markers

150 Coatl pieces (15 tails, 15 heads and 120 body segments)


Components in this game are of a decent quality.  Nothing special but overall a nice feel.  The Coatl pieces connect nicely and look fab on the table as you play.  The cards are easy to read, icon wise, and are of a good quality.  The bags with the different body parts in them are a great addition for storage purposes and keeping the draft secret during gameplay.

Get into…Coatl overall thoughts


This is a fun, lightweight family game which is an addictive puzzle.  You have to balance building your Coatl with timing to ensure you complete your Coatl in good time to earn the temple cards you want etc

This game has a fun table presence and definitely stands out from the crowd.   The game is built on a solid foundation and was enjoyable.  It has quite a solo element to it (in the building of your own Coatl’s) but in the selection of tiles you can be quite sly and take the piece you know your opponent needs.  It does have a take that element but we enjoyed the more puzzly nature of trying to meet objectives.  

Easy to teach, fun for the family.  Definitely one to try.





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