Get into..E.T.The Extra Terrestrial: Light years from Home overview:

‘E.T. The Extra Terrestrial was left behind on Earth, and the Kids must work together to get him back home!  Ride around the neighbourhood picking up Items that E.T. can use to build Device Dice.  The dice are then rolled to communicate with the Mothership and lead it to the Forest Clearing.  If the Mothership is at the Forest Clearing when E.T. is nearby, all the players win!


However, Enemies are chasing E.T. and the Kids!  A squad of Cop Cars is heading to the Forest Clearing to block it off.  If all three Cop Cards are nearby the Forest Clearing, the players lose.  There’s also one Agent assigned to find each Kid and the Special Agent known as “Keys” who is tracking E.T.  Whenever E.T. or a kid gets caught, E.T.’s Heartlight goes down.  If it ever reaches O, the players lose. ‘


Get into..E.T.The Extra Terrestrial: Light years from Home gameplay:


Each turn has three steps, completed in this order: 

  1. Take actions: Take up to three Basic actions and any number of Free actions
  2. Phone Home:  Roll all the Device Dice in the Forest Clearing 
  3. Move Enemies:  Roll the Enemy Dice

Then it’s the next players turn.  


3 words to describe this game : ET phone home

Get into..ET.The Extra Terrestrial: Light years from Home components

Game board – I really like the artwork and set up of this board.  It is really easy to read and looks really great on the table


4 kids mats – giving you your individual powers – these also are the boards which hold your items as you pick them up


4 kids figures – these are superb and super cute.  The fact that they can actually hold E.T. and the device dice in their baskets is brilliant and they even connect together via the base so the kids can work together – attention to detail is amazing!


Mothership Figure with Base – Again I love the look of this model.  It stands above the other characters with a transparent stand and does feel like its almost floating 


E.T. figure – cute figure of E.T. that fits in the children’s baskets


E.T. Heartlight Dial – a life tracker to track health of E.T.


5 Agent Movers with bases – cardboard standees that move on rolling the enemy dice towards their assigned children


3 Cop Car Movers with Bases – cars which track along a predefined course on the board moving towards the Forest Clearing 


21 item tiles – cardboard tokens containing items in different colour – 4 of which you need in order make a device which will help you call in the mothership


16 E.T. Power cards – when you have E.T. in your basket, you can employ a power card, nice artwork with some interesting powers that are linked to the movie


6 Candy tokens – cardboard tokens with different coloured candies depicted on them


6 Dice – enemy dice, danger dice and device dice


Reference mat



Get into..ET.The Extra Terrestrial: Light years from Home overall thoughts:


I was concerned initially that this game might just be a gimmicky game with an IP.  Despite enjoying the film, I wasn’t sure whether it was going to make for a good game or not. 


It was easy to set up and to learn how to play and as soon as we started playing it just made total sense what we were supposed to do and how to try to achieve it.  


Its a cooperative game – which I always enjoy – that allows you to strategise and make decisions together.  I will say though, it is certainly not easy and on the first attempt, E.T. unfortunately lost all his Heartlight.


The components are so endearing and we enjoyed playing it.  If you had asked us if we would have bought this one, it wouldn’t have been on our radar but are we glad that we had the chance to play this – absolutely!  If you like cooperative games, this IP and something different which you could play with people of all ages, this is definitely one for you!

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