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Get into…Laserox overview


We were sent some LASEROX wooden inserts for two games this week.  

The games we received inserts for were Quacks of Quedlinberg and Ark Nova. 

Below is our review of the two inserts and then an overview of LASEROX as a whole based on both inserts we received

Get into…Laserox Quacks of Quedlinberg insert

This was our first time at putting together a wooden insert like this.  Previously having worked with a foam insert.  

We were a bit apprehensive to start as we didn’t want to break any pieces punching them out of the sheet.  I don’t mean literally punching them but you know what I mean.  We were careful to ensure that none of the wood splintered as we took them out.  

Instructions were straightforward and easy to follow.  For our first time putting these together, we were confident that we could follow the instructions and build it as it was meant to be.  It’s very simple and easy to do.  

The pieces fitted snugly together so much so that we decided not to use glue.  You do have to apply a bit of pressure to push them together which initially we were hesitant to as it made a strange squeaking noise, which felt like it might break but we needn’t have worried.  Once you get over that initial worry of breaking the pieces, you realise its really sturdy and applying a little bit of pressure is absolutely fine to get a snug fit.  

The laser etching is cute and denotes the type of pieces that go in which sections.  The etchings match the symbols within the games so works really nicely and makes everything look uniform.

Fitting it all into the box is a bit like a jigsaw puzzle. Now that we have it all set up, I can see how it will make set up easy in future.  

Get into…Laserox Ark Nova insert

The second insert we made was the Ark Nova one and I have to say it was much easier making the second one than the first one.  I guess like anything once you see how it is put together and organised, the subsequent times are much easier to follow the instructions and work in a systematic way.  

We made the player component boxes first and they are just so cool.  They have perspex lids that lift up to allow you to remove the pieces and card storage underneath and they look absolutely stunning.  This definitely was a good start.

The rest was easy to put together and I loved the laser etching on the insides and tops of trays to indicate what resource goes where.  So helpful for clean up at the end of the game.  Everything has a space and its so well organised.  It looks beautiful and it really makes a difference to the feel you get when you open this game.  

Anyone who owns this game knows how brilliant a game it is but how unloved the box and insides are.  Things are just in plastic bags with no organisation.  This insert makes me want to bring Ark Nova to the table more and more – one to show people and two just because set up has been made so much easier by the organisation.

Get into Laserox overview


Both inserts were easy to build with clear instructions. The wooden parts were easy to remove from the frets without any damage.  We were able to build Quacks insert in about 1hr but then it was our first build.  Ark Nova was a lot quicker as I think we had got  the hang of it.  Thats not to say it would necessarily take that long for everyone but given its the summer holidays and by the time we get the kids to bed we are knackered – we didn’t think we did too badly.  The parts fit together really snuggly and none of the parts were loose.  It does suggest gluing some parts for which glue was sent but we were happy enough with the fit as it was so didn’t glue them.  This is just personal preference and we may glue in them in due course if they start to come loose.  

Our preference was for the Ark Nova insert just because it really serves a purpose for us.  We had already organised our Quacks game into plastic boxes, so the upgrade to the premium insert did not seem like such a big deal whereas with the Ark Nova insert – it was a real game changer. 

These inserts make it incredibly easy to set up games giving people their player pieces and organising communal pieces.    They look fab and especially with the Ark Nova insert have some great laser etching of the animals etc.  The insert for Ark Nova made my heart happy because it just tidies up what was a really messy and annoying box that didn’t look like any love had been shown to how it had been organised in the box (there is 0 organisation!).  Now it is well organised and for a game that we love to play we can also look forward to seeing it look lovely when we take the lid off.  

Needless to say we are already eyeing up which other inserts we might want to purchase for our collection.  

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