Get into…Marvel Dice Throne overview

‘A heart-pumping, fast playing game of skilled card play and dice manipulation.  The game is played over a series of rounds where you will be rolling your hero’s dice up to 3 times.  You will use a combination of dice symbols or numbers to activate your hero’s abilities to attack your opponents.’

Get into…Marvel Dice Throne gameplay

In this card and dice manipulation game, you pick a character to play as and you battle against your opponent for supremacy.  


Games are played over a series of turns comprising of different phases.  


Firstly is the upkeep phase.  In this phase, you specifically resolve status effects and passive abilities.  


Then you receive income which means you get one CP (Combat point) and enables you to take a card from your deck into your hand. 


Then you move into the main phase.  In this phase, you can spend CP points to play Hero upgrade cards or Main Phase Action cards.  


You are then ready to battle with your dice.  The offensive roll phase begins and you have 3 roll attempts to activate a power on your player board.  


Following this you move into targeting roll phase which you skip in a 1 v 1 game.  

The opponent then has the opportunity to defend the roll and use their defensive ability and roll phase action cards.  


The second main phase happens followed by the discard phase.  


Ok – so it sounds complicated but boiled down, you collect income, play cards, roll dice, hit your opponent, they defend and then you reset your board and cards.  

3 words to describe this game: roll, offensive, defensive

Get into…Marvel Dice Throne components

Each characters components are organised in a game tray with lid.  This means you can easily select the character you want to play and have everything on hand for easy set up. 


Each character comes with:


Hero board – folds out to reveal your powers and necessary dice throws in order to use that power


Hero leaflet – a handy help sheet for playing with your character


Deck of cards – each characters deck will be different


Health counter


Combat points counter 


5 dice


Tokens – status effect and companion tokens


There is something immensely satisfying about taking out your chosen character box and having everything you need contained within it.  

Get into…Marvel Dice Throne overall thoughts

Dice Throne is a fun mix of dice rolling and card playing.  You are essentially in a fight with another hero trying to become the most powerful hero leaving your enemy eating dust!  

We have played this several times with different characters and we have had fun every single time.  The characters are rated allowing you to match characters with the same hero complexity.  There are a range of characters available to play – we are showcasing 6 here but I am sure there will be more to come.  This version is the Marvel version but there is another version just called Dice Throne.  Personally, this one is right up my alley as I am into my comics and Marvel superheroes but I am guessing that the other Dice Throne plays exactly the same.  

Yes dice can sometimes be rolled for you and against you but in this, there are so many options that even if you rolled the world’s worst hand, there are ways to mitigate this with dice and status effect tokens.  Each character has slightly different tokens making it seem like you are actually playing as that character e.g. Spiderman has webs, Thor his hammer etc

We used to love playing King of Tokyo two player but would now probably choose to play this instead as there is a little bit more strategy and choice you can employ to your game.   We still love King of Tokyo for higher player counts and as of yet we have not been able to play this game with a bigger player count.  I am interested to see how it fairs.  

This is a great filler game with a decent amount of player choice and interaction between players.  We really enjoyed this and I can’t wait to see what our next match up has in store. 

Get into…Marvel. Dice Throne thanks

Thanks to The Op games for gifting this copy of Dice Throne for review 

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