Get into...Nemesis:Lockdown from AWAKEN REALMS

Get into…Nemesis:Lockdown overview

Nemesis:Lockdown is a sequel to the acclaimed Nemesis board game.  This space survival horror experience for 1 – 5 players confronts you with a new adventure that expands upon the established, immersive riles.  It also offers a new way of getting into the World of Nemesis. 


Get into…Nemesis:Lockdown gameplay:

On your turn, you have two actions. Different abilities take a different amount of cards to play. For example, to move when not in combat, you must discard 1 card but for careful movement, you must discard 2 cards. Turn continues with each player taking two actions until everyone has passed. When everyone has passed, then comes the event phase. You launch the CSS pods, move the time track, assess the power, apply fire damage, remove noise resolve intruder attacks, play an event card and develop the intruder bag. Play continues until you meet your objectives, run out of time or everyone has escaped. Every game of this is unique and varied. There is so much replayability and the stories that are created in game will be talked about at future game sessions.

3 words to describe this game: aliens, space, thrilling

Get into…Nemesis Lockdown components


It would take an age to go through all the components. All I will say is that they are all high quality and the minis are epic and totally make the game. It might look overwhelming but to be honest after set up, the game flows and you use the components as things develop and move through the game and story. It never felt like there were too many components. Everything works so neatly together that its kind of intuitive what you need at any moment.

Get into…Nemesis: Lockdown overall thoughts


This is the wife’s first experience of a dungeon crawler and she absolutely loves it. I have to agree this is a brilliant game. You really feel immersed in the world and one of the things that helps with this is the miniatures. The nightstalker minis are epic in proportion to the character minis. They are so detailed and when and adult, breeder or queen comes out you totally feel the tension. I love the way you turn over tiles as you explore the area and you can search the rooms for objects which will help you on your quest. We have so far played coop mode as we have been playing two player but I am so excited to play semi coop with a group of people. There’s so much to do and explore in this game and the different characters have a variety of different abilities. I love the fact that the game is hard enough as it and then you could complete your objectives and find out right at the end of your game that you are infected!! For a game that takes a few hours to play and a little while to set up, it totally doesn’t feel like it takes a long time. Replayability is amazing in the game: different characters, tiles can change and be in different positions, tokens denoting items and other things in the room are always changing. The power tokens add more differences as do the event cards and the sheer amount of minis. No two games will be the same. You are immersed totally in the world and it almost feels disappointing when it comes to an end!


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