Get into...One week 'till Christmas from VIVA LA GAMES

Get into…One week ’till Christmas overview

In this Christmas themed card game, you play as an elf helping Father Christmas to prepare all the presents for Christmas Eve. Easy enough? Oh no – in this elf workshop, the other elves are out to sabotage your attempts and stop you from being in favour with Father Christmas.


Get into…One week ’till Christmas gameplay: This game is played over a series of rounds, 7 to be precise (the week before Christmas! – it’s in the title!), and each round consists of a number of actions. Firstly each player draws cards, then they can use items by assigning them to elves or the playing board. After this, you can choose one elf and give him a weapon (if you have one). You either place this on an empty space or attack another elf. At the end of the round, you count up how many presents you made and add this to the score tracker. Play each day up till Christmas and the elf who makes the most presents wins. The fun comes with the battle against other elves and for space at the most lucrative of tables and this battle is where the festive family fun is at.

3 words to describe this game: festive, family, fun

Get into…One Week ’till Christmas components:

8 figures, Day token, Starting player token – we have some basic tokens because our version is a prototype but there are some really cool minis that I have seen on their website which will just add to the theme (and that I hope I can get my hands on in time for Christmas!).


Broken table tokens and board – this is something I’ve not seen before and I like the idea of covering up some of the board spaces so that it works for the right player count. The broken tables fit with the theme and work to highlight the areas that can be used and I just thought this was a really cool way of doing this.


4 elf decks (21 cards in each) – each player has their own elf deck containing the same types of elves, you will combine these elves along with items to show your strength and might against the other elves Item deck (80 cards) – these are the items and weapons that you will use to throw your opponent of their game

Get into…One week ’till Christmas overall thoughts:


There are very few Christmas games that I have come across that all the family could play. We have some here but they are mostly for the kids and the adults don’t get much fun out of them. However I imagine that this is the kind of game you could bring out on Christmas Day or Boxing Day and it will cause family fun and arguments just how Christmas should be! It’s easy to pick up and teach and the quick gameplay time means you could play multiple games of it with whoever you are entertaining. The artwork is brilliant in this game and I think the minis will only add to it.


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