Get into…Trekking through History overview

‘Welcome to Wayback tours

You’re about to go on a 3-day tour of history, travelling thousands of years in a time machine to experience great moments from our past.  

Trekking through History takes place in three rounds, each representing one day of your trip.  Each day, you’ll visit a series of historical events, spending a different number of hours at each.

Along the way, you’ll score points for sticking to your Itinerary, and visiting historical events in chronological order.  Let’s go!’


Players: 2-4 

Ages: 10 +

Time:  30 – 60

3 words to describe this game: time, beauty and classic

Get into…Trekking the History components


108 History cards – beautiful artwork and informative information on the rear of the card 



12 Ancestor cards – act as a wild card to allow you to keep your trek streaks and make it easier to visit dates in chronological order



1 clock – a cardboard board representing the day, whereby you can time travel for twelve hours before having to return home 



1 Neoprene playmat – such a high quality of playmate – really looks great on the table and easy to remove cards adding them to your player area



4 pocket watches – used to measure how much time you use each day travelling



4 player point markers -wooden cylinders used to track scores



84 experience tokens – plastic tokens with different faces which you use to fill your itinerary hoping to gain bonus points and extra crystals



20 time crystals – plastic crystals – these allow you to travel quicker saving vital time


4 crystal tanks – cardboard token which acts as a place to store your accumulating crystals or depleting – if you use too many! 


24 itineraries – cards which you work to complete as you travel in time – you collect experience tokens and place them on the itinerary board to gain extra benefits 


4 reference cards – handy helpful guide


1 rulebook – easy to follow 


1 date index – helps you to know date order and which dates are available on each day


24 time warp cards – additional level of gameplay available 

1 time warp rulebook




Get into Trekking through History overall thoughts


This is a charming game which is beautiful and so well crafted just like the other Underdog games – Trekking the World and Trekking: National Parks.  When you open this game, you will not be disappointed at all, the game trays really make this look fab and easy to set up and play straight away. 


This game feels educational as well as just being a really lovely game.  The first time we played it seemed super easy and not much too it but as we were going through the motions, we were starting to see that we were doing just that.  We were concentrating on organising our treks but not working on our itineraries.  You need to do both in order to maximise scoring and you can employ more strategy but I think this comes in subsequent plays.  


Its a light game, easy to play, easy to teach and quite satisfying while looking beautiful.  It felt calming and we are enjoying playing this one.  Once again Underdog games have shown just how well games can be made and produced.



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