Get into…Meeple Land

Get into...Meeple Land FROM BLUE ORANGE

Get into…Meeple Land overview


‘Build the most prestigious amusement park of all time! Buy the most exciting rides, offer the best services and welcome as many visitors as possible. Respond to the public’s needs and success will come your way! Be careful not to neglect visitors as unhappy guests will damage your reputation’


Get into…Meepleland gameplay:


‘Organise your park with new attractions and offer the most up to date services to your visitors. When visitors are satisfied, you will earn the most Reputation points. Choose your attractions wisely and arrange the different paths in your park to avoid dead ends. Dead ends and unhappy visitors will damage your precious reputation. At the end of the game, your park will be evaluated and the player with the most Reputation points will be declared the wonder.’


Get into…Meeple Land aesthetics:


Pretty much what it says on the tin! All centres around creating your own theme park and it’s very cohesive! The components have fun vibrant artwork which ties in with the artwork on the box. The components are pleasant. I can see an upgraded version of this with little models, metal coins etc which would add to the enjoyment for me but it plays nicely and the theme is fun and merriment which is what you want from an amusement park.

3 words to describe this games: puzzle, profitable and pleasure

Get into…Meeple Land components:

4 individual plot boards – plain green board with starting road


1 parking lot board – allows you to place bus tiles for your incoming visitors


4 plot extension tiles – extra 3 by 3 green squares which are available to purchase should you need more space


4 extra park entrances – cardboard tokens allowing you to have another entrance for your guests to come into your park – useful if you ever find the route blocked off


101 Attraction/Service tiles (32 small tiles with adverts on the back, 40 medium and 29 large) – 12 different types of amusement attractions and several different services! Tiles are sturdy and the art work is enjoyable.


17 Bus cards – cards denoting the colour and amount of visitors you can invite to the park. In each round, at the end, you will select a bus to come to your amusement park. There is always one more bus than players in the game.


124 visitor meeples (green, blue, yellow and pink) – small wooden meeples in the aforementioned colours


1 park tickets token (first player token) – tiny cardboard chit that denotes the first player


1 round marker – small token that you place on the parking lot board to keep track of the rounds and income


52 cardboard coins in 1 and 5 dollar denominations – to be honest we didn’t play with these. You can they are obviously absolutely fine but we preferred to play with metal coins that we have. Although we did play one game with our 7 year old where we used the cardboard tokens and because the numbers were clear on the coins, she was able to work out what she needed to pay etc


4 player park entrances – I like these! They are essentially just to show you where your entrance is and serve no really purpose but they add to the aesthetics of the game and make it look like an amusement park. Your meeples that you can’t satisfy requirements for can wait here and I just liked that it added to the theme of the game


1 scorecard notebook – these are very easy to use and you can use them to mark off attractions as you buy them during the game as well as scoring at the end! We think we might laminate a couple of copies so that they can be reused but they are double sides so maximise amount of times you can play.

Get into…Meeple Land overall thoughts:


Anyone who has ever played Theme Park on the computer will appreciate the fun of creating their own amusement park and I’m sure that part of the enjoyment for me is reliving a bit of playing that game but that being said, I really enjoyed playing this game.


It’s fun and just makes you smile and whilst it might not be that taxing, there is a level of strategy you will need to employ to get the right customers at the right time!


Have to say the only draw back for this game is that my wife and I were playing it and being really careful about where to lay our tiles ensuring no blocked paths etc, then our daughter just bought whatever she fancied including an expansion to her park plot which seemed a hefty price. Needless to say she won! This totally could have been a fluke and I’m hoping that this is the case as I really enjoy playing this but just something to be aware of. I also might have liked it if the tiles and been polyomino tiles as that might have added to the puzzle element of the game.



There is something about this game that just puts a smile on your face! Definitely going to be played lots in this house by children and adult alike!


Get into…Meeple Land thanks

Thank you to Coiledsprings Games for sending me this copy for review.

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