Get into…Psycho Killer


Get into Psycho Killer overview


‘Psycho Killer is a fast paced, strategic and hilarious game based on your favourite retro horror and slasher films.   Use every cliche in the book to screw over your friends and survive the PSYCHO KILLER!’


Ages 13+

15 – 25 minutes gameplay

2 – 6 players

3 min to learn 


Get into…Psycho Killer gameplay:

In the deck there are 5 psycho killers… and the weapons they use to attack you.

Each player takes a turn drawing from the deck.  If a player draws a PSYCHO KILLER, then they must play it on the table in front of them.  When that happens, any players holding a weapon card get attacked.  

When attacked, players must place all weapon cards currently in their hand face-up on the table in front of them.  That is called your injury pile.  

Each weapon and psycho killer is worth a certain amount of points.  When added into your injury pile, they become injury points.  

The game ends when the fifth psycho killer is played and the player with the most injury points is the winner.  

3 words to describe this game: manic, dangerous, nostalgic

Get into…Psycho Killer components:

It’s a card game so of course the components are a deck of cards.  

However the way these cards and the box to contain them has been themed is fantastic.  The box is shaped like an old video cassette and the expansions which we have are in boxes resembling cassettes.  I suppose we are at the age where we remember videos and cassettes – gosh I sound old saying this – but it taps into that nostalgic feeling of our youth and this is one of the driving forces in why we love this game so much.  

There are a range of cards all which have their own rules written on them.  Some cards have VHS symbols on them.  These symbols affect how you play the cards.   

Eject cards – indicate that you must play the card immediately after drawing it (exceptions if you are Left for Dead)

Stop cards – these can never be in your hand, even when you are Left for Dead

Rewind cards – these can be played immediately after you draw from the deck (to rewind time)

Play cards – you can play cards with the play symbol when it isn’t your turn

Fast forward cards – when you play a card with this symbol you don’t have to draw from the deck at the end of the day

Get into…Psycho Killer overall thoughts:

This game evokes a feeling in me that I can’t contain.  It makes me smile, laugh out loud and it fills the gaming table with enjoyment.  Its a simple card game in a very saturated market but the theme of this one just is so evocative of a time gone past and some of my favourite horror/slasher movies.    It has become my go to card game to play at the end of the night and I think my wife is getting fed up of me saying “Let’s play PSYCHO KILLER”

I recently discovered that if you follow the QR codes on the side of the box – one of the links goes to a Spotify playlist – this game just got even better!  

We were also gifted some expansions to try and you may know by now that I’m not a massive fan of expansions.  These expansions however do not disappoint.  Firstly presenting them in cassette tape boxes instantly had me hooked and then the cards which it adds are just fantastic – adding different details and options to a chaotic, manic, laugh out loud card game.  

There’s also a drinking game version but I think that will have to wait until we get a night off from looking after the kids.  

Have I said I love this enough!  I love it and I can’t get enough of this one.   Definitely one to get in your collection. 

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